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The total objective of the development plan which is spread out over five years (2008-2012) is to provide an instrument of planning and coordination of the interventions in order to improve the living conditions of the population in Kirehe District and to ensure a harmonious development.

It lies within the political and administrative scope of Rwanda's decentralization policy. This implies that all the sectors of the population in the whole District, is governed on the core principals of that decentralization framework on all levels. This plan was worked out, indeed, starting from the priorities expressed by the population of all the sectors of the District. It places at the disposal of various development partners a document including/understanding the priority projects so that their interventions are done in a coordinated way and in synergy.

In addition, in order to allow cohesion between the national orientations and those of the District, it takes into account the Vision 2020 objectives, the Economic Development strategy and Poverty Reduction, and the Millennium Development Goals.

The principal resolutions are derived from the retreats of high ranking Government authorities at hotel Akagera Game Lodge, the Government 2003-2010 Program is part of the Vision 2020 Umurenge and the sectoral policies of the Ministries. The situational analysis of the sectors and the units revealed the essential problems and it made it possible to select the priority areas.

These priorities are classified by field as follows:

Education, Youth, Sport and Culture

• To ensure education for all,
• To promote technical and vocational training,
• To build centers of basic education ,
• To ensure environmental protection and school hygiene in the schools,
• To reinforce the behavior of youth ,
• To create and put in place a sound framework for co-operatives of the young people,
• To build some Rwanda Workforce Development Center (RWDC),
• To ensure the sporting framing of the young people,
• To build a genocide memorial ,
• To reinforce the cultural activities.

Health, Gender, family Promotion and Protection of the child

• To guarantee geographical accessibility at the departments of health,
• To improve quality of care and the departments of health,
• Eradicate the endemic diseases of which malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are key,
• To promote reproductive health by particularly stressing family planning,
• To reinforce the capacities of Community health agents,
• To ensure hygiene and environmental protection,
• To reinforce the capacities of women organizational structures,
• To reinforce financial capacities of women,
• To ensure the reintegration of children from existing rehabilitation centers and orphanages and to support their initiatives.

Economic development and Promotion of employment

• To promote the conservation and protection of land,
• To increase and develop agricultural and animal production,
• To develop industrial crops,
• To facilitate agricultural investments,
• To reinforce food safety,
• To arrange marshes,
• To reinforce the organizational capacity of co-operatives,
• To develop and improve infrastructure for economic development,
• To encourage the creation of small and medium-size companies (SME),
• To encourage the generation of other employment activities other than agricultural,
• To involve the private sector in the economic development of the District and to encourage its initiatives,
• To promote exports,
• To identify viable tourist sites, to develop them and promote investments in this field.

Infrastructures, Land, Habitat and Urban planning

• To update master development plans urban, rural, etc,
• To develop the transport infrastructure of of which communication (ICT) is part,
• To electrify the development poles of the District,
• To diversify and rationalize the energy resources in rural environment,
• To organize and develop the rural and urban areas,
• To gather the rural population in Imidugudu,
• To reinforce the drinking water infrastructure,
• To protect the environment.

Administration and Good governance

• To consolidate the decentralization policy and strengthen capacity of local authorities,
• Reinforcement of mechanisms of unity and reconciliation in the resolution of conflicts
• To ensure the quality and the equity of justice,
• Eradicate the genocidal ideology and the culture of impunity,
• To promote unity and reconciliation,
• To set up and strengthen the capacity of ITORERO,
• To ensure the safety of the population and their property,
• To improve the social-economic conditions of vulnerable groups.


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