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The district of KIREHE is located at the South-east of the Republic of Rwanda to 133 km of the Kigali capital.

In the east: The Akagera river constitutes the natural limit between the District and Tanzania.

In the South:  The District of KIREHE is also frontier Republic of Burundi and the United Republic of Tanzania.

In the West: The District divides its border with the District of Ngoma and the District of Kayonza

In North: its border with the District of Kayonza divides such as shows it the administrative chart

The district of KIREHE, has 12 Sectors that constitute 60 Cells. It has a population of 229.468 and occupies an area of 1,225.4 km².


Kirehe District relief is that of a low plateau area.
However, there exists a chain of mountains which divide the region into two geographical entities, these are characterized by a low altitude plain of more or less than 1,350m of altitude, separated by isolated hills and mountains with a plateau at the summits of Mt Mahama and Mt Migongo. The average altitude of Kirehe District is 1500m above sea level.


As regards hydrography, fauna and flora, the principal water course of the district is the Akagera River which surrounds the south-easternern part of the district and continues into L. Victoria.

Vegetation is that of eastern savanna type very dense and in big variety prevalent with acacia trees.
Apart from natural forests which are tending to disappear completely, there are other forests planted by the district and those belonging to private individuals.


Concerning the Climate favorable for Agricultural field, the District of Kirehe has climatic intervals of 4 seasons per year making it possible to make 2 annual harvests on the same pieces of land.

Agriculture is strongly dependent on the seasonal climatic changes, primarily with regard to rain.

The tropical land relief is more widespread in Kirehe District.
It is composed of different types of soil components that combine at a lenient level, all these grounds can be exploited and improve on its production. There are also sandy soils favorable for use in construction, especially in Bukora, in the Sector of Nyamugari.

     It is nice that you have taken your valuable time to stop by our website. The website has been designed to offer information about our District but also provide an evenue where you can reach us and share information, views, ideas and comments with us.
As the world adopts to the information age, citizen of the planet we inhabit are quickly transforming their way of life to suit the new times by transcending the old civilization that based human interaction to race, color, sex, religion, geographical location etc. The world has become a community of civilised people who are using information to reach out for goods and services that can satisfy their needs and wants.

Almost a decade ago, our country made what seemed to be a radical resolve. By embracing a vision codenamed "Vision 2020" The country sought to transform the country from an old administrative tradition to an information based society. At that time almost ten years ago, many saw this as a nightmare. Today one out of ten Rwandans owns a mobile phone which device he can use not just to to make and receive calls, but to make calculation, send text message, take pictures and even receive internet.

Today Rwanda is one of the big internet hot spots. You can connect to high speed internet from the remotest corner of our country be it in the forest, on the top of a mountain or on the lake. Our population is more connected than it has ever been before.

As that vision continues to spread root, through spread of infrastructure such as the laying of a fiber optic backbone nationwide, establishment of tele-centers, training of the population and many others, Rwanda looks set for the challenges of the Global Millennium Development Goals.

Kirehe District is one of Nation's districts that has refused to stay behind. We have faith in the "Vision" and our resolve is as good as our country's.

As you spend more time on our website, don't hesitate to log on to our forum and interact with us, alternatively you can click on our feedback link and leave as a suggetsion, idea or your view. With this website, our Mayor is never too far, don't hesitate to write to him an e-mail by clicking "Mail to the Mayor"

Once again, thank you for your precious time on our website.


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